by suu4leaf

Another film about a man and which I had little idea what it was about before I watched it. Since “Birdman” got Best Picture at the Oscars I finally can make up my mind to pick out this film from my very long pending list and have it done with. I liked “Babel” a lot so I kind of knew what to expect and that I would like it too. And I do like it. The story of a man who has been informed that he has got cancer and has only very little time left to live, and which reminds me of François Ozon’s “Time to Leave.” But “Biutiful” is less stoic and in a way I like this better. The man set out to fix the many broken things in his life – his loose family ties, his broken marriage with a prostitute with bipolar disorder, his young children without a mother to take care of them, his many illicit business and the complicated relationships with the people he dealt with. When he was helping his daughter with her homework she asked him how to spell “beautiful” – and that is where “Biutiful” comes from. Something is crooked, wrong, but still beautiful. Life is beautiful, with all its many complications and bitterness. The Chinese say “When a person is about to die he speaks goodness.” So one tries to fix everything, right every wrong, before one dies, albeit it is not always possible. Things might even get worse, as in the film. Here one sees again this solitary man fighting against the inevitable. Sad but so very biutiful.