by suu4leaf

I like the opening Hong Kong sequence – they made good choices and those scenes of the Mongkok look really good, as well the decision to use Chui Tien You and Josie Ho. Except the terrible idea of the Chinese village where the epidemic killed half of its inhabitants – come on Hong Kong is a city… we have villages in the New Territories but not like that in the film, unless they meant it to be mainland China. Then there are many big names in this film but somehow the story does not work out too well – not thought through well enough? One sees big themes hovering through the air but they just do not seep through. Blindness, on the other hand, also about a fictional – probably even more fantastical – epidemic, was really shocking. The credit goes to the original story’s Nobel Laureate author. One really needs a good script in order to make a good film, not big names nor visual effects.