by suu4leaf

I remember seeing a screenshot from Nosferatu from a broadway cinemateque pamphlet many years ago and since then have been haunted by this image of the eerie creature upon the mast. It was the Voldemort to me – the one who cannot be named, the uncanny. I had no idea what that was and from whence it came – only a faint idea that it was from some old black and white German film which apparently was such a classic that nobody even felt the need to put its name beside the image. Now thanks to technological progress and film archivists I get to see many classics online for free and finally, after all these uncertain years in the mist, Nosferatu. I might have preferred to never see it and let it remain a mystery to me forever, lest the crudeness of the real thing should disenchant its magical hold on me. Indeed there are funny moments – funny just because I am watching them from almost one century after – though I cannot pretend to be frightened by it still I have to admit it is a marvellous film that lives up to its fame as one of the greatest German Expressionist Films – though I have no idea what that genre means. What I know is that the classics grouped under the same category, for example The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari, Metropolis, M…… the brilliance of which amaze me, being productions of a century ago. Which makes me wonder, have we ever progressed artistically since modernity? As it seems to me while art is being liberated and democratised it has only become entertainment for the common people of common tastes and abilities for appreciation.