Frances Ha

by suu4leaf

I have been telling myself again and again that I should write down something whenever after I finish a book or a film because I always forget and I never listen. Every habit has to have a first time so I am making a start with Frances Ha.

It is a cute little realistic story of a 27-year-old girl in New York – the kind of story of the kind of girl that one feels one has been told many times before. The modern version of the classical self-discovery, lost kidult maturing to grown-up young adult plot. It started off pretty realistic with the mundane day-to-day little things but then gets more dramatic/crafted towards the second half and one kind of knows what is going to happen in the end. Still it is good and warming to one’s heart, especially for those who are also struggling to find a home, a path for themselves amidst this messy universe.