Il Barbieri de Siviglia

by suu4leaf

While I was randomly looking for a background music for the morning’s work, totally ignorant in music as I am, I discovered Rossini’s Il Barbieri de Siviglia. Since youtube suggested it to me, I thought it must be something quite famous and therefore would be quite nice for me to get acquainted with it and thereby increase my classical music vocabulary. After a few moments I realised that I actually knew this piece – in the good old days of audio story books in cassette tapes, procured at a nearby Watson’s (probably the only thing my mother bought us sparingly, after books), in which they related well known stories from the Grimms and Andersen and Perrault and the exotic lands of the Czar and the Sultan, always backed by a classical music soundtrack. (Now I think of it, the use of classical music may not so much be a vision in cultural education as in the practical and economical – classical musics are not protected by copyright.) Thereby, through the mechanics of classical conditioning, I came to unconsciously associate the stories with the music. Rossini’s Il Barbieri de Siviglia was probably the theme for Robin Hood, Beethoven’s Symphony No. 9 Cinderella or some other of Perrault’s tales. And those indeed were my golden classical days, now viewed through a rose coloured filter. Et in Arcadia ego.