Bonjour WordPress, bonjour tristesse.

by suu4leaf

10 years ago, I abandoned diaryland for xanga. 10 years later, I abandon xanga for wordpress. Or am I the one who is abandoned? If you write in your diary, the little notebook stays with you until you lose it someday or the day you exit from this life. But when you sign up a blog, it can vanish into thin air at any moment, unannounced, carried along with the rapid current of technological progress. Even if you are smart and cautious enough to archive your blog and save a backup copy in your local harddisk, the digital format becomes obsolete and unreadable in almost no time. What makes it even sadder is that people are not particularly saddened by the fact that our own histories disappear as we progress. These days we get informed about everything each day and we remember nothing. On the other hand, it is probably our human nature to be so treacherously forgetful. And many of us choose to forget. My mother told me she used to keep a diary, but decided to burn it. Can a memory be so traumatic that one prefers the sadness of forgetting? This is so sad I refuse to believe it. Today someone reminded me of 2 names and I was surprised that I could still feel the pang in my heart. That was when I realised that I do so need a container for my sadnesses, however transient and futile that may be. Therefore bonjour WordPress, bonjour tristesse.