The King’s Speech

by suu4leaf

Finally watched it. I almost thought I would miss it this time.

I had a curious feeling when I saw Colin Firth as George VI meeting Jennifer Ehle as Myrtle Logue. Yes I was remembering the legendary Mr Darcy and Elizabeth Bennet many many years ago.

I figure I like the Tudors, the Elizabethans, the Stuarts, the Jacobeans, the Georgians, the Regency, the Victorians, the Edwardians, the contemporaries… it does not matter which period it is, but that I do like British films about the British race. O I just like everything British so much. And today someone said I had a British accent, which I do not deny I take pains to imitate. One of the best things in the film is hearing the actors reciting Shakespeare. Richard III. Hamlet. The Tempest. Such sublime speeches. All King’s speeches.

Thank you for watching this with me and sorry for being such a hopeless fan.