Musing amidst Music of the Prague Baroque

by suu4leaf

Music from the picturesque Charles Bridge

After a distracted and rather chaotic weekend, I found myself confronted today by a lot of things, big and little. As I gathered myself and tried to tackle them one by one clear-headedly, I once again felt the bliss of self-exertion. I always know that I am rather sloth by nature.

Two packages were opened and I had on and around my desk over 80 books which should be processed within 2 days or I will be damned, what with all other outstanding tasks and the long Christmas holiday. While my hands flipped through each of them and typed onto the keyboard I nevertheless kept thinking of this one thing: that I have to run to Muji and grab that Prague soundtrack straight after work.

I can never forget Prague, though I was there only very briefly, spending my last summer holiday and last penny travelling before I finished my entire MA course and was flown back to Hong Kong. And I always dream of going back, to see more of Mucha, and discover the making of Kafka, with someone who share the same yearning for this fairyland. I thought I found that someone, but it turned out he was a sham, and so I keep on dreaming, till now.

And recently I have been watching this Japanese anime “Monster”, a wonderful crime fiction, which should make a very good novel, even better than any of Dan Brown’s, but anyway the point is I had just finished an episode where the story had moved on to Prague, and how great they are at capturing the feeling of the old city! And I believe that the Muji Prague will be very Prague indeed, so good the Japanese are at absorbing the essence of foreign cultures.
In the MTR station I saw this young man who was walking towards me, we exchanged looks and I felt my heart skipping a beat. Is the romantic Prague getting into me? And he was goodlooking, with his permed hair and fitted suit. I would not mind skipping more heart beats if I can see more goodlooking guys like him. But then, this is Hong Kong. I wonder how many goodlooking guys who have a yearning for Prague there are in Hong Kong. Not that many, I fear.

A celebrity, once a very sought after actress, now some rich man’s wife, was looking at some plastic storage boxes, while I was just next to her inspecting my Prague soundtrack. Suddenly there was a loud crash which startled me and everyone within earshot, the actress-turned-rich man’s wife had upset a large plastic box and it fell from the top shelf onto the floor. I could see a few pieces of fragments on the floor. The actress-turned-rich man’s wife was very apologetic, and the staff cleaned the place without being difficult to her at all.

After getting some more extra stuff against my original plan, I am now at home, in my yellow chamber, on my princess daybed, bathing myself in Prague Baroque music. My father comes in and asks what it is. I show him the booklet that goes with the soundtrack but the composers’ names are in Japanese (that is, in Czech translated as Japanese) so there is basically no way of deciphering them. And that is exactly Prague. Undecipherable, mysterious, and so romantic as a distant dream.