I love Central

by suu4leaf

Kodak Colorplus 200

I remember what Central had appeared to me before I moved to this office, and now the impression has become quite the opposite. Of course habit has its share in this change in attitude, also by close scrutiny I am now able to recognize the charms which distinguish Central from all other districts, that to contemplate the possibility that I will soon part from it, fills me with a feeling of remorse. Central is a place smacking of bourgeoise sentiments, with its pavements thronged by fashion-conscious sartorialists, smug cafes pertaining to an golden age when they were also the “fashionable salons”, snobbishness that disdains to be seen as vulgar, thus putting on all the glamourous virtues, while bohemian souls roam the area, forgetting that it is wealth itself that affords them leisure to talk about such things as art and dreams. I care not if the astronaut indeed walked in the space, as I prefer my little haven here, a less than tiny spot on the planet Earth.

Now that the skyline is tainted by impending shadows, foreshadowing some uncanny happenings that are about to turn my little world upside down. Still I love my Central and I wish I will not be parted from it yet.