A Feast of Glamourous Abandonment

by suu4leaf



Sofia Coppola’s Marie Antoinette – a genuine feast of glamourous abandonment. Despite the Rock ‘n’ Roll background music this is a rather quiet film: slow, down-to-earth, in big contrast to all the glamourous settings and costumes. Kirsten Dunst as Marie Antoinette, portrayed by Sofia Coppola, is a young helpless Austrian princess traded off to the court of Versailles and who in her own way survives among all the intrigues of the court of Louis XV during the instable era of the revolutions. It is a woman’s film, it does not attempt to answer the big historical questions, slightly passing off the famous “Why not eat cake?” quotation, but deals carefully with the inner life of the young Queen hidden behind the facade of Versailles.

It is great to see the Versailles again after my visit to it the summer before the last. It feels wonderful to know where I am when the scene changes – as if I really dwell with this Queen in this biggest palace in Europe. And yet the film’s greatest impact for me is the CLOTHES. Satins, laces, ribbons, hats, feathers, fans, slippers… in Rococco pale blue, pink, white, enbroidered floral patterns… I am all fetish! I really love the Rococco and her blonde aristocratic women with pale complexions, buried in laces and ribbons of baby blue and pink, who faint away frequently because the corsets make them literally breathless.

PS A little anecdote: a portrait of the real Marie Antoinette.