A Happy Introvert

by suu4leaf

I think I can say today is a great day for me. Today I spent my time improving on the website in a rather relaxed pace (but still the body ached from sitting before the computer the whole day), and by the end of the day, the IT technician, a very nice and decent Indian guy, taught me how to make php pages in 3 minutes. So excited to have advanced my website building knowledge! But then if he had taught me earlier, I would have saved a lot of time……

I was a bit depressed at the fact that every attempt at organizing a gathering during the holiday was smashed, when this morning Candy reminded me of the possibility of a New Year’s Eve party at my house. I was not particularly hopeful but still I sent out some SMS to ask, and it turned out not bad! Guess we are really having a party now. My father will have to go over his recipes again. Anyone who wishes to come let me know! My father’s roast chicken is just marvelous, those who came to my birthday party last year would know.

At lunch I met up with Jenny. I was telling her about the disastrous primary schoolmates gathering and we somehow decided that we will be calling for a secondary schoolmates gathering instead. Hope is rekindled. How nice it would be to see the Arts Class mates again! So yesterday I lost the prospects of two gatherings, and now I have two new ones. Is that not wonderful? Please stay true, I beg.

Because of the appointment with Andy and Tommy, I had a stroll in Causeway Bay after work. It had been some time since I bought any clothes and I got myself two sweaters. And I got a couple of VCDs to watch in case I get bored being home alone. Buying things always makes one happy.

After two years, I finally met Tommy again! This witty and fabulous guy of the Comparative Literature Department, it is strange that we can talk to each other so comfortably like we are old friends – for though we knew each other quite some time now, we didn’t interact much really. He was engrossed with his gender studies and I with LHT. But somehow we know we recognize and admire each other. I really look forward to doing something with him soon.

As for Andy, I am happy to see him again too. It is since his operation I guess. I had doubts and yet sometimes I feel I can trust him. And everytime I see him again my doubts become less. It is clear he is devoting more and more into the book thing, and that is a good sign. I sincerely hope that our relationship will be a stable and long one (please do not get me wrong – by relationship I mean publisher and editor/writer).

Among all the lightheartedness I felt today, there was still a moment my heart was seized by a surge of pain. Then I realized the scars are still sensitive, they have stopped bleeding but if one touches them they still hurt. Perhaps this holiday is a good opportunity for me to tend to them. And so I am prepared to enjoy a solitary Christmas, looking after my inner problems. Please do not be offended if I decline your invitations to go out. Christmas is not meant for fun anyway. Because I am an introvert. A relatively happy introvert.