I’m just whining.

by suu4leaf

I really do not like this. But what can I do? The boss is always right. My aesthetics, which I esteem even more than my intellectual abilities, just needs to give way to his “aesthetics”. What the hack does one do with CorelDRAW when everyone is using programmes like Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator nowadays? What the hack does one do with tables when everyone is using div blocks or flash for websites? What the hack does one use tiled pattern background for everything? And what the hack is this serif fonts and using word document and pdf for print outputs? That is hardly bearable. I would rather run exhausting errands than to compromise to this. But what can I do but whine? The boss is always right.

Some hours later –
I have finished whining. My boss discovered I have Adobe Illustrator and even gave permission to use it. And with the help of Zen I am giving myself a fast introductory course on AI. It feels not bad, really. And my colleagues just ordered a 壽包 for another colleague and me, who happen to be birthday twins. My troubles seem gone with my hair, the thousand trouble threads. Perhaps I can be really happy when I join my friends for dinner tonight.

Now it’s 14:13 –
Just now my colleague called to me to collect some flowers. I thought she was joking, but when I walked out of the door there was really a guy with a bunch of flowers. My colleagues were excited about this but I had totally no idea who it might be. I was only too sure it would not be him. And with much ado I finally ripped off the envelop and got the card out, and it read “神秘人x2”. The next second I smiled – this handwriting I had known since secondary school. Thank you, you two are so sweet.