Never give up.

by suu4leaf

It all begins with a dream.

To make this dream come true, one keeps pushing oneself to the limits, and when one meets with obstacles, one forces oneself to make all possible exertions. Because one well knows, not giving up and trying one’s best is all in this pursuit of a dream. One does not want to give up before one sees the end, nor regret when one fails because one has not tried one’s utmost. No regret until the end, one keeps telling oneself.

But still one feels tired. Especially after one meets with frustrations and frustrations. One wants to stop exerting and just let the matter be. This is the critical moment. Shall one persevere? Why should one perservere?

Because when everything comes to the end, when you look back you will see that you did not give up, even in the toughest situations. That is the one reason, more than the fulfillment of the dream, why one should ever persevere.

I felt frustrated and I still feel frustrated from time to time. But I do not wish to compromise as yet, because I do not want to look back in regret. I once told you that many people talked of dreams but only the few who persevered till the end succeeded. I now say, one may not succeed even when one has persevered till the end, but one thing is certain, that is you shall have no regret because you had dared to try when so many people would recoil. No one can blame your failure when you had tried your best, but people will admire you for your strong will. I hope I will continue trying and I hope you will not give up too.