The Devil Wears Armani

by suu4leaf

(This is titled The Devil Wears Armani because there is Emporio Armani on the ground floor of Chater House, Central)

I feel so like Andrea in The Devil Wears Prada today! To begin with, I had to pick up a copy of my book for J in Wan Chai, after which I turned back to Causeway Bay to get myself a new notebook, in case I need to jot notes in the Press Conference (or whatever) and show my future bosses that I am eager to work, even if they have not as yet drafted me a contract, after which I hurried to Central and literally climbed up to Fringe Club to get the consignment tickets for Bell’s show next month, after which I again ran downhill to Chater House to attend the Man Asian Literary Prize announcement at the Man Investments offices, after an hour or so socializing not very comfortably with the whites, I excused myself and returned home, packed my things, and started off again to Wan Chai to meet up with J for dinner, after which I had 2 hours painting lesson, after which I found my way home and my day is finally ended. All the time I was wearing my make up, a striped jacket I got in the London Urban Outfitters, and a pair of boots. When I heard the soles of my boots hit upon the pavement in a hurried rhythm, I felt all the more closer to the stress implied by work, meaning proper work. It is almost time I am removed from my relaxed labours.

As for the Man Asian Literary Prize announcement, I was just a total mismatch. Everyone was in ties and suits, and very few of them were black-haired (not only because they were foreigners, but also because they were seniors), while I was in this wretched fancy jacket and printed T-shirt, jeans and boots. Luckily my three bosses, Mr Gordon (yes, even he winked at me), Ms Sayer and Professor Parker were very kind to me, and I got to chat with a lecturer from the English Department of Chinese University of Hong Kong, who came with Professor Parker, and who looked quite young and pleasant (and he came from the Lake District! though he did his studies in Sussex, being rejected by Queen Mary in the first place). He talked about his students and the peculiarity of the Hong Kong attitude towards the English language. And I also got to talk to Dr Kerr, who came with Dr Hutton. Not very surprisingly, Dr Kerr did not recognize me, but perhaps that was the reason why he talked relatively more enthusiastic than he ever had before to me. I always thought he disliked lazy students, but in fact he expressed amazement at the fact that the students rarely skipped the lectures (so he was actually expecting no one at his lectures?). It so happened that the Edmund Blunden Lecture was the very same evening, but since I had a date with J I did not join the crowd. Or to tell the truth, I was not too interested in the Lecture, if not for a whim to show off and make myself feel important. But from now on my life will be surrounded by all these Edmund Blunden things, I shall need to self-fashion myself, as Andrea did.

I will not wear Armani though. That is no poet thing.