by suu4leaf

“We Are Hotungnians: Our Days in Lady Ho Tung Hall”

Hotungnian Mary Lee 李挽靈 (BA 2004) has recently published a book called “91A 我是何東人 My Days in LHT 2001-2004”. A book launch will be held on HKU campus at which Hotungnians of different generations and alumni will join together to share their hall life experiences and exchange views on HKU hall culture.

Guest speakers will include Professor Cheng Kai-ming who was Warden of Old Halls, Lee Hysan Hall, and is now Master of Robert Black College, and Mabel Cheung 張婉婷 (BA 1973, Hotungnian).

Date:October 14, 2006
Time:2:30-3:30 p.m.
Venue:Global Lounge, Fong Shu Chuen Amenities Centre, Swire Building, HKU

PS 我感冒未癒,經由父親傳至母親再傳給我的過濾性病毒,理論上已進化成超級病毒;有心人請替我宣揚以上消息,自多感激不盡……