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Month: September, 2006


“We Are Hotungnians: Our Days in Lady Ho Tung Hall”

Hotungnian Mary Lee 李挽靈 (BA 2004) has recently published a book called “91A 我是何東人 My Days in LHT 2001-2004”. A book launch will be held on HKU campus at which Hotungnians of different generations and alumni will join together to share their hall life experiences and exchange views on HKU hall culture.

Guest speakers will include Professor Cheng Kai-ming who was Warden of Old Halls, Lee Hysan Hall, and is now Master of Robert Black College, and Mabel Cheung 張婉婷 (BA 1973, Hotungnian).

Date:October 14, 2006
Time:2:30-3:30 p.m.
Venue:Global Lounge, Fong Shu Chuen Amenities Centre, Swire Building, HKU

PS 我感冒未癒,經由父親傳至母親再傳給我的過濾性病毒,理論上已進化成超級病毒;有心人請替我宣揚以上消息,自多感激不盡…… 


















或會成為像Virginia Woolf或Sylvia Plath之類的人物?


And I suddenly think…

And I suddenly think, I have been feeling uneasy the whole weekend for no cause. I should either worry about it after tomorrow, or decide what I want most. It is only when I have come up with my greatest desire that I can ever be at rest.

And I suddenly think, if I so much enjoyed, not only writing, but book-making, then I should consider a second attempt. It is not like I do not have ideas. The captial can be raised. One’s will and time are more of a problem, but can be compromised.

And I suddenly think I should submit to the temptation. But I think the better of it. Perhaps the best is yet to come or perhaps the best is already gone. Who knows.


個IE壞左,一直上唔到網。好彩俾我發現重有個MSN Explorer可以用,如果唔係以後唔使上網……

宜家其實係壘球隊既Team Function,但係因為無mood所以無去。其實我會想練波多D。但係又無可能同歐碧兩個人走去天光道throw ball。



拿出Stanley Kubrick的Eyes Wide Shut,也忘了自己每次看Kubrick的電影都會變得暈頭轉向的(第一次在Dr Smethurst的課看2001: The Space Odyssey在太空漫遊之際我的靈魂也離體了;之後還天真的以為The Shining是驚慄片會刺激一點),結果當然是呆了大半天,現在頭還有點暈……


On The Devil Wears Prada

Watched The Devil Wears Prada yesterday. Well the story is simple enough – not to say cliche – but then there is this touch of reality in it that makes it so align with the problem of young people nowadays. Yes we are all dreams and hopes when we first entered the society; yes we all thought we are going to contribute to the world; yes we all felt being exploited (for having to conform to every ridiculous order) and underemployed (for not being able to utilize one’s potentials) at the same time; and yes we all think we have no choice and yet we are facing choices every minute.

When Andrea went to Nigel after a bad time with Miranda, she said, “I tried and tried…” Nigel said to her, “No you aren’t trying, you are whining.” That is so true – when we think we are condescending, there is no way we ever try enough. But once you realize this, you face with another problem – a choice. Either you stop condescending, or you stop feeling condescending altogether. Since Andrea chose the latter, her career immediately took flight. But at the same time she was changed to another person, since it was necessary that she change her view of things to be successful with her career. The problem with her was that she did not know she changed, and that she herself, out of her own accord, chose to change. “I don’t have a choice,” Andrea always defended herself, thinking she was the victim of the whole thing. But no, they reminded her, there is always a choice. If she chose it, she could be the next Miranda, but she would be giving up everything else that mattered to her. And Andrea only became truly powerful that moment when she could choose the best for herself – turning the back against Miranda and when the boss called, threw the mobile phone into the fountain. Why would not one quit a job everyone yearns for? Why would not one prefer humble society to fashionable society? There is no such thing as right or wrong choice, they are just choices. Only that when we make a choice we should be ready to accept the consequences, and make the most of it so that we shall never regret our choice. Perhaps most people will think Andrea is making the right choice by leaving the “Devil” (because that is a courageous and moral act that few people dare attempt), but to me it does not matter whether she stayed or no, or whether it is a right or wrong choice. All that matters is Andrea’s attitude. I do not think harshly about Miranda, or even have a certain admiration for her, for afterall she has clung upon her choice relentlessly all her life.

No reserve, we deserve.
No retreat, we go forward.
No regret, until the end.

That is all about the film and Life.

PS I have been asking myself, what if I am Andrea? In many ways I am very like her. But then, though I am not really into labels, at least I know how to spell Gabbana.

PPS Oh no I thought Emily looked familiar and her British accent so pleased me – she was the pathetic girl from My Summer of Love and she is actually one year younger than me!!! Oh my God…… Perhaps I should wear Valentino instead of jeans?



On Consideration.

I loath being summoned for nothing. When one asks someone for help, one should let that person know what he/she is to do, how long it takes. One should not assume that person knows what is on one’s mind, nor make that person wait to be attended to, only to discover, when he/she has waited long enough, that he/she is not really needed. If one’s time is precious, one should also be aware that other people’s time is also precious. If one is giving priority to something, one should also be aware that other people may have other priorities. Inefficiency not only hinders one from achieving the best, it also deters people from being supportive.

am730 13/09/2006 特寫


am730 13/09/2006 特寫