How to be always good

by suu4leaf

Fairie tales always tell about people who are poor but good, and people who are rich yet bad. And I wonder how that can really be, because in my experience, it is easier to be rich and good, and as easy to be poor and bad. Not to mention chances and qualities of education and society, as my rational deduction and objective observation go, rich people, since they are free from most evils of the world, they have less cause to sin and are less likely to be tempted. Whereas rich people have this extra something, which is called honour, meaning an aversion against being considered impolite, they are also driven by this curious upperclass vanity to be good, or at least, to appear good. On the other hand, under the same deduction, poor people are more likely to be tempted and as it is more important to survive than to be thought good, they are also less scrupulous all those codes of behaviour invented and zealously maintained by their well to do counterparts.

And so I think, if my is proposition is valid, that it is easier to be rich and good, and to be poor and bad at once, then I shall not so much admire those people who appear so beautiful and gracious than those who are nothing near grace and yet are so good that as if the troubles of the world that haunt them all their lives are nothing to them. If anyone is to complain about the grievances of life, be discontented, they are the ones. For we are men of flesh, are not the ones who bear the sufferances with a smiling face more blessed than those who smile because they have heard of no worries? And then I remember that passage in the Gospel about the poor widow whose scanty money offering was mocked at, yet Christ said it was easy for the rich to offer a fortune and yet that little was all the poor widow had, and in which case, the poor widow was the one who offered most to the Lord.

And then I feel the more immensely that we are a happy generation. We are free from all the worries of life and we are free to display our tempers. Just as we are always happy and free, should we not be always good as well? But then it seems such a difficult thing to achieve! Pray that I shall always remember this sudden enlightenment and be always good, even if I shall some day fall from prosperity and abundance. And I shall add a final word, in case some one should mistake, that this is no sermon, and I no Christian, and though everything looks very like it, that is but a far cry from my conscience.