It’s all about films.

by suu4leaf

After some time, I return to my former film self again.

I bought this VCD for quite some time but never watched it. “Almost Famous” turned out to be quite unexpectedly interesting – perhaps I never had any expectation for American films, or perhaps I liked it because it is not like the ordinary American films. I remember having this feeling before – perhaps when I watched “American Beauty”. At first I thought it would be about some American chick wearing pink tube top and denim mini skirt. As for “Almost Famous”, I thought it would be… perhaps cliche? Like someone faces that difficulty in the profession and someone else enters to give him a lift, and then they all live happily ever after. That sort of thing. But both took me unawares. That non-Hollywoodness.

Today I went to Wan Chai to settle some LHTHGA business (Thank God it is finally settled, now after half our session is past). After that I went to Cine-Art House and watched “L’enfant”. That is… like a documentary. About this 20 year-old father who tries to sell his baby boy but ends up in jail. There is nothing to make you cry, but that cold distance, that detachment, makes the whole thing surprisingly real and heartrending. (And I wonder where the setting is – it does not look like Paris, but there is a river alright).

And of course the “Remembering Kieslowski”! I have picked up some as soon as I received the leaflet a few days ago, but I never expected the tickets would be sold out so fast! “La Doublt Vie de Veronique” is already full house! I must act tomorrow or I will not get to see even one of the features!