by suu4leaf

Time is running out. Every second is precious. I got the final proof read Monday noon, and began editing the draft immediately afterwards for 8 hours non-stop, except to have dinner. I was doing this when my mother was preparing dinner, washing the dishes, when my father was watching Australia vs Japan, up till America vs Czech Republic, and finally finished before Italy vs Ghana began. I so much wanted to give up and sleep but I resisted the temptation.

When today I finally gave the CD Rom to Dick I began to feel my exhaustion welling up within me, and I fell into a terrible slumber in the afternoon. My head ached and I kept having nightmares because of the heat. I swallowed a panadol and slept again, until it was time for dinner.

I am spent. And I will recover and will go ahead again. There is just no end to it.

Unless I no longer desire life.