How far can you go?

by suu4leaf

I know not. It has been rainning cats and dogs today, and I genuinely believe there is no good going for the photo shoot, even just to have a walk around. I do not think this has anything to do with sloth or cowardliness or anything denoting lack of sincerity and enthusiasm. Of course there is nothing impossible when there is the will, but then I also think that there is no reason to put oneself into a difficult situation just to test out one’s will when there are other options. I do not think that one necessarily has to go through all the extremities before one can come up with good work. I do not disapprove of trials but I disapprove of fruitless labours that are the result of inflexibility and would rather be flexible, keep things under control and minimize unnecessary expenses. That is why I have no wish to go walking all over HKU in a weather like today’s. If it is only the campus it is fine, but it is not – it is the main campus,  the halls (ranging from on campus halls to as far as University Hall) and Sandy Bay. That means going up and down hill of all Pokfulam. I wish I can go as far but sorry I am more rational than that. If you understand about the HKU geography you will see my concerns.