Amidst the typhoon “Pearl”

by suu4leaf

Today I was translating another book of my previous boss’ poems. To be honest, I enjoyed the work, and would continue doing it even if he had not offered me that reward. But knowing that I am currently living on that money while remaining unemployed, I felt obliged to do it properly and in good time. I do not know how people would appreciate these poems, I find them very pictureque and to my liking. And there is not much difficulty in translating them into something an English speaker would comprehend – they read Tolkien and they like it, so they are going to like this Chinese fantasy in English. At least that is what I think. There are always difficulties in translating western texts into Chinese and vice versa, yet at the same time there are strange correspondencies as well. If you know a language and its culture well enough, you will distinguish between what is translatable and what is not, what is good translation and what is not.

And suddenly I received a call. It was Joycelyn! Apparently she was concerned how I got on with John and called to ask after me and give me some kind reminders. I am almost ashamed to receive so much kind support from people I have only known for a brief period on the course of my book’s making. Why would you give so much support to a person? Once I asked a hallmate who had given me help when I was in Students’ Association. She told me one needed no reason to offer help. She was a Christian and I knew what she meant. We give support to our friends because we care about them. Christians give support to everyone (theoretically) because they see everyone as their brothers and sisters. But then when I think it over, perhaps it is another kind of fellowship – when you find someone with similar aspirations in life, will you not feel more akin to him or her?