On Intuition.

by suu4leaf

Today my 2 week-colleague said she had finally decided to leave. Talking, she discovered in the trash my disposed draft. And she suddenly said something to me which sounded very much like a farewell speech. More amusing is that I think I was quite moved by it. It was all by intuition that I told her about my book. And it was much less suspected that she would be interested in it and offered to do the layout design for me. I think I would rather entrust it to her than other good designers my friends are looking out for me – I do not know, it is just my intuition. The meeting was a sign itself and I am a superstitious person in my own way. I tend to see signs and believe in my intuition/first impression. I do not know but when I think of something I tend to have a precise picture of what shape it takes and seldom think of any alternatives even when others think otherwise. Somehow things will turn out different from what I initially think, but then it is always because of the signs and intuitions that happen along the way which guide me through the whole thing. I never think much of Intuition, but now I guess I can count myself as one who is living by intuition, regardless of my rigidity that manifests in all ways. Yes and now I must admit that my rigidity is also prone to intuition, and that no wonder the intuitive SOLER impresses me so much.

I will follow my intuition until the end of this affair. I believe it will guide me through this time, as it has always done before.