ALIVE not dead!

by suu4leaf

What a wonderful day! Feel like I am ALIVE!

Candy and I had decided to watch Daniel Wu’s The Heavenly Kings together, and so I went to Windsor for the tickets after work this afternoon. After I had got the tickets, I saw in surprise a small slip of paper stuck onto the The Heavenly Kings promotion board, saying, “ALIVE coming to UA Windsor today 3:15pm”. I immediately told Candy about this and we decided to go earlier to meet the cool guys.

They were a bit late, the four of them, though wearing casual wear with cap, stood out from the crowd immediately. We rushed to the front and managed to take photos with them! They were really nice and really cool! Daniel wore a green shirt and was nice to every girl who asked to take photo with him. Terrence, in blue, was beside Daniel. On his right was Andrew in yellow. I told Candy that my mother liked Andrew best. Conroy, who was in black, was the most funny; when I wanted to take photo with them he asked, “Have you bought ticket for the film? No ticket no photo! Show me the ticket!” Haha… And then we were like little fans trying to collect all four autographs on our ticket, and we indeed managed to do it! That was crazy man!

And after all this bustle we were finally inside the theatre, getting ready for the film. The film was good. I mean I had always thought of Daniel Wu as someone very talented, and it impressed me immensely when he stood up and said that the entire ALIVE thing was all for the film. Everything that happened these years made so much more sense, and I felt all the more impressed by his talent and daring. To make a mock presentation of something as if it is real – this is nothing new in film and literature, what scholars like to call “Postmodern”. Daniel Wu called it a mockumentary, I call it sophistication. It would not do justice to Daniel Wu at all just to focus on his treatment of the media or certain characters, since that is totally out of the point. The point is that this thing is a project which has succeeded in testifying something ridiculous in our society.

Now I think of it, I had always liked Daniel Wu, until – well I cannot remember. Somehow I had ceased to like him so much since I could remain calm even standing just before him. But he was just the great guy I had always thought him to be – nice, talented but unpretending, and very very very goodlooking. He would remain a prototype of the perfect man for me.

And tonight we had meeting for the music show. What a wonderfully exciting day this has been!

Sorry SOLER, today I am ALIVE not dead!