I think I am like Wyman.

by suu4leaf

OK. I was seeking a jacket for my daydress (please refer to my Regency Fever article), since what I had in my wardrope could not match well with it, which was further testified last Friday night when I first wore it with my denim jacket to the chong dinner. To be honest I knew it was no good but I just wanted to see how bad it would look, and more importantly, I needed to be wearing it when I went to look for a matching jacket. It was difficult job because 1) it was a high-waist-line dress; 2) it was not designed to be worn with a jacket; and 3) I did not want a cardigan but a jacket. I admit I was very particular, but I have always been so when it concerns clothing. I did not have time for it during Friday, so I tried my luck in Causeway Bay yesterday. After ransacking half Causeway Bay with no success, I almost resorted to the denim jacket when I spotted my last chance – I jumped inside that boutique and then I found the kind of jacket I had wanted all along!

It is a very unique looking dear. The sleeves are long but the length of the jacket barely reaches my waist, which is just the very thing I need to match with the high-waist-line dress. The fabric is thick so it keeps a good shape. The black stripped beige jacket is layered with a grey fabric underneath, the hems leaving a rough unfinished look. At the back the collar is curiously cut, and a triangle of the top layer is missing, exposing a large patch of the grey layer. The button looks odd but it can be concealed, the jacket is not supposed to be bottoned up anyway. It fits perfectly without looking too tightly fit. I AM JUST SO HAPPY. The shape, the texture, the style, the price… are all to my liking. Except that the colour is not quite right for the dress. I will look extremely “white” with my white hat, white dress and this jacket on. But I do not care since I have sorted out my crazy outfit for Soler’s Let’s Go Crazy Concert and I am just going to dress up! Yeah!

While I was trembling with excitment, the jacket in my hands, my mother said to me, “I wonder why you do not work in fashion.” I said, “You need to study fashion to do this.” She said, “Of course you can. Many study fashion after they have got other degrees.”

Now I come to think of it, I know perfectly well why I never think of seeing Fashion as a profession. I like fashion, I like looking at clothings, I like dressing up, but I know I cannot make clothings. I was watching this new season Project Runway last night, and I thought how incredible those candidates were to create something with very limited captial, temporal and even human resources. And it is not about making what you like; it is about making what other people like. This is just the reason why I cannot work in fashion. First of all I cannot create. And then I cannot create something other than what I personally favour. I think I am like Wyman – people would say I have some sense in fashion, and I indeed have my own fashion theory; but I cannot make fashion. Just like Wyman who is such a recognized fashion-freak and who writes so many articles on fashion and yet says he prefers shopping to writing any of those stuff.