Exert yourself.

by suu4leaf

Exert yourself… If there is anything to say about today.

Once I am determined, I can do pretty well. But at other times, when I am only partially concerned, I still get things done, though not as well. However, when you are at work, only your best is expected, and failure is not an option. If you make more than one mistake, whether accident or no, you are done for. People consider neither reason nor intention nor process, only the result counts. Which is totally against the philosophy we had been used to, the idea that it is the process that matters. So now what I have to do is to make myself determined – to unlearn what I held on in hall and learn the new rules of the workplace. Not really unlearn – just to adapt to another mode of thought and behaviour. Whereas deep down, I can still stick to what I will always believe. One thing is true always – Never give up.

I believe tomorrow will be a better day.