On Inspiration.

by suu4leaf

It all began with that sudden order from my boss.

There was this meeting with Arome (that Japanese cake shop), for which my company had agreed to do rebranding. Though I was made to sit at the meeting, obviously I knew nothing about the business whatsoever. I fought hard repressing my yawns when they chatted aimlessly in a very “stream of consciousness” manner and looking through the presentations we did for Arome. When they came across the truck design, the Arome people said they wanted something more catchy. My boss immediately agreed to find “someone” to tailormake a slogan to replace it. Even then I was amused since I did not think my boss would spend that money – and I was right there. When my boss proudly presented the “university graduates” Queencie and I, I felt a sudden uneasiness welling within me. After the Arome people left, my boss asked ME to do that slogan. I should have known……

And what had I done? I pretended there was never such a thing (perhaps I thought it would be sorted out somehow), until that day Queencie gave me a deadline for the slogan. Of course I panicked. The night before the deadline I sat thinking hard about the slogan but could make up nothing. I went to bed, but I could hardly sleep without dreaming of myself making up the slogan. That was a terrible night. Of course I woke up with nothing but a mind more confused than ever. I decided if I could not think of one before arriving at office, I should need help from other colleagues. While I was standing in the shower making up this contingency plan, a phrase quietly emerged to my consciousness. Stunned, I read my mind again – I GOT IT!!! It was simply unbelieveable. One second earlier I was still panicking, and now the slogan was here ready for use! It was like removing a boulder from upon me. I did not know how others would receive it, at least it sounded complete, and I did not think I could think of any more now. When I gave that doubtingly to my small boss, she said it was OK. I asked my other colleagues, they also found it good (because it was difficult with all the restraints) and could not think of anything better. So they took it to the meeting with Arome. Today my boss summoned me to his office and said my slogan was well received (I could not help being flattered a bit, but then when I discovered what was coming, I wished I never made that slogan……).

So, this entry is about inspiration. I told my father about this curious thing, and he said he always had inspirations that came in the last moment. Wouldn’t it be risky, having no idea when the inspiration would come? Somehow, my father said, one got so acquainted with one’s tendencies that one just knew. His inspirations never failed him, and he found no need to force himself into thinking. Perhaps deep down inside me, I knew that I was going to make it. But of course, I would rather not lead a life of constant stress and perturbed sleep. If I could decide my own deadline, and let inspiration flow.