Taking charge.

by suu4leaf

My two-week colleague is leaving in 2 days. Today I found myself taking charge of things and running after time. While I could spare time proofreading my draft before, now I only find things piled upon things before me. It somehow feels like being Publication Secretary again. Memos and lists to things-to-do, markings on schedule, deadlines…… Emails, folders, jpeg and psd files, records and records of things past things that are and things that will come to be…… This will be happy stress. I only wish I can have a little gap for the new proposal; I have received the guidelines for 2 days and have yet mustered enough strength and brainpower for it. Not to mention the LHTHGA website which I just left into Gigi’s hands.

Or may be 10 more me, to handle all the things I am currently engaged in –

Or to go out with 11 SOLER (6 Julioes & 5 Dinoes)