Saturday Night Fever

by suu4leaf

Been walking around all day. 9-13 at office. Lunch and afternoon nap at home. Then set out to my excursion.

Got Joycelyn’s 《on the road 在途上》at Palace IFC with a VIP discount. Then hurried off to Sai Wan Ace’s to have a haircut for my new ID card. Ace did not recognize me – probably a good thing. I told him I wanted Janice’s IDA Ad Bob hairstyle, and he had no idea. But the other staff there kept suggesting, and finally he found from his reference a Japanese hairstyle very like it. Then he was like “That is easy” and asked if I intended to have that last time I went to a barber. “Yes,” I said. “But failed.” To which he said, “Absolute failure.” Then he set off to amend the mess – so fast as if he needed not a thought, and kept chatting with other people, even looking away. But still I felt much more relaxed than last time. At least I knew he was confident that he knew what I wanted and knew how to do it. And so my hair looks much more like it now, and only costed me $68   

Then hurried off back LHT. Thought I was late, but Bell did not arrive until 2030  Karen, Liu, Sai, May Tso, Bobo, Vansie, Cindy came. Bell showed us her favourite Hirai Ken. Discussions. And then we fetched Yuki and decided by now that we might do it alongside Ho Tung Festival in November, together with the drama. Next meeting on 22 April.

Showed Bell et al the book. Felt this a right way to go. Will take it back to office to show my boss. In a feverish state!