My Third Day.

by suu4leaf

Had enough sleep and went to work in good condition. Meeting as usual. Told that little boss was not coming back today – everyone relieved. Everyone have something to say about their boss, have they not? Seems that I will not be going to New York. Wonder if this is good news or not. And the Hong Kong Gifts and Premium will begin on 29 April, I hope the preparation work will not take too much time, after all I have my SOLER Let’s Go Crazy Concert on 25 April!!!

After that I spent some time reading through my notes. Lunch. And then my colleague said we were going to the stock – just then the big boss summoned me. So I had my third lecture on Chinese literature…… a considerable time lapsed before I finally took leave with the thick pile of poems in my hands and a lot of question marks on my face…… Then my colleague came over to say that we were having another meeting. I am really impressed that she took care of all those things by herself all along. Finally they could not resist the temptation of an enclosed conference room to gossip – well, at least they were more funny than frustrating. Learnt something about the big and little bosses, haha.

Spent a while going over to the factory, going to the stock, cleaning up the Reference Library, looked over some drafts, then time to leave – 6:05pm. Yeah! I hope that remains so after my colleague leaves the job. Or as they said, things were easy only because little boss was not around……

(Additional homework: Read through Big Boss’s poems.)