1st Day at Work.

by suu4leaf

First day at work. SAFE. I like being engaged.

The first hour was dreadful because I had to wait for a colleague to brief me. Had a hard time staying awake with nothing to do. Meanwhile only a guy from the IT department came to fix the account for me. Felt so grateful when finally the colleague came over to say it was time to start.

Funny to look at all those greeting cards. I really love paper products. It sounds fun to have all those exhibitions and fairs too.

My colleague led us through the company. When we reached the printing factory, 廠長called me “Peter Paul and Mary”. Guess I would have to sing a song for him next time. Wonder if he would fancy “500 Miles”, since I only remember this one.

And then when introduced to the boss, he made me sit down and have a talk with him. Very nice and sensible gentleman. Quite impressive for his age and physical condition.

Got to learn and perform a few tasks. Not too demanding for me, though the others often cast wondering glances at me. Indeed it may take some time to remember all those data, but then there is nothing complicated, and practice makes perfect. What did they expect from a Master if not the ability to handle basic administrative tasks like these?

Bought lunch from a nearby restaurant. Not good. Decided to bring my own salad from tomorrow onwards. And my own mug too.

Finished all tasks before 6pm. Fortunately the colleague is an organized person, or else I would still be entering the stock list now. Now I feel keenly the difference between having a real hand-over period (as in here) and having nothing but chaos (like last time at xxpost). I spent my last 30 minutes looking over the greeting cards. And then my colleague said I can go after informing the second boss. And so I left at 6:10pm. Not bad for the 1st day! No frustration, no exhaustion, but a lightness of heart.

Looking forward to more challenges tomorrow.


Changes in March for the Year of Dog indeed. Work. New stage for my project. Bell’s project. Mamafriend reborn. My life is so full now, can hardly squeeze another corner for gloomy thoughts.

I wish we can perform this… My best favourite.