by suu4leaf

Watched The Chronicles of Narnia today. It didn’t strike me so much as I had expected. But it is something to be reminded of England – the British accents (note the “s”, the Beavers for example, have a rustic accent), the London Train Station, the English country, the English scruples about decency and propriety, the creaking boards of oak-lined old mansion houses, and most of all, the English writers’ fondness of displaying their knowledge of myths and scripture (I am not sure about allegery… I suppose the Continental Europeans like it more). There is this Satyr, and the Centaurs from the classic tradition, but then there are also the Unicorn, and the Gryphon which come from the local legends. It is not surprising to see the Lion and the Unicorn being on the same side of Justice. I think the story in fact has more symbolic meanings than the film dares declare. And the portrayal of the brothers and sisters is quite true. This time I would say CS Lewis’ writing is much better than all the stunning effects of the film. The turn of the century, Children’s literature. That is also an area which I wish to further research.