by suu4leaf

Here comes 2006, unheededly.


My Year of 2005 – a review

It was an eventful year, 2005.

I started off my year of 2005 at Edinburgh – at the world famous New Year Party along side many drunken Europeans.

I visited Glasgow with Joyce afterwards, for the first time getting to know Charles Mackintosh.

Back in London, I handed in my essays, and second semester began, with a change of attitude on my part.

I went to Holland in February and toured Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Delft and some surrounding outskirts with Jackson and Jessica. I visited the Rijksmuseum again, and found the virtue of Rembrandt.

I began thinking of writing a book.

I visited Cambridge in March, and would have stayed longer in the Fitzwilliam Museum for their exclusive collections of European Art.

Aunt Cecilia passed away.

Another HKU fellowship was formed in April, consisting of Jackson, Jessica, me, and two new members Ann and Yan. Toured Belgium (Brussels, Bruges, Ghent, Antwerp) and Luxembourg. Got acquainted with the great Horta and his Art-Nouveau architectures in Brussels, and visited the impressive Print Museum at Antwerp where the great humanist Erasmus was acquainted with the printer, and which made me all the more interested in the history of printing and publishing. Had a glimsp of Jan van Eyck‘s famous The Mystic Lamb at Ghent and was very stunned. And of course Belgian chocolates. Felt sorry not to have visited Brugel’s major paintings at Brussels.

Finally a war broke out between Linlin and me. No more dealings from then on. But I had the support of the cleaner, who got on with me in good terms.

All teaching finished. Long vacation began.

In May Jessica and I joined the HOSTUK programme, and visited Dr Donald and Mrs Hilda Gaston at Ballymena, Northern Ireland. I conquered my fear for huge dogs and became friend of Darcey and Sapphire, the Gastons’ super huge black dogs. Had a great time living in the country among 40 shades of green. Though the rest of the journey was a disaster.

Discovered that I was misinformed as to who was my dissertation advisor. Trying to right things again.

Finally brought up the mind to watch the famous West End Musicals – Phantom of the Opera.

Visited Brighton with Jackson and Jessica in June. Then a 11-day trip to Italy with Fi, touring Milan, Venice, Florence and Rome. The trip was a  mixture of wonder and horror. Many Art and History, but more is said in elsewhere.

Trying to make most of the time left to us, Jessica, Joyce and I went to Prague in July. Fell in love with the art of Alphonse Mucha. Back and immediately took to Carlisle to meet the new hosts Mr Dennis and Mrs Glenys Donald, who learnt that I much desired to visit William Wordsworth’s Lake District and granted me my wish, with much gratitude on my part.

Vivian came to London and together we watched a performance at Shakespeare’s Globe, then the wonderful Mary Poppins. Toured Paris together afterwards, was a bit abashed by the dismal scene of the decaying city. But delighted in visiting the Louve again, and also Orsay.

Watched Les Miserables with Jessica.

Handed in the dissertation and Paleography assignment.

Seized my remaining time to visit all major galleries and museums in London. Visited Canterbury, Stonehenge and Salisbury.

Parted with Zaleha, my good flatmate. 3 September – Flying home, leaving my love for London behind.

House in North Point underwent refurbishment, removed to a temporary abode during September and October. Meanwhile setting forth for my book.

5 November – Elected as Vice-chairlady of Lady Ho Tung Hall Graduates’ Association 2005-2006.

Back to home in mid-November, living in a yellow chamber. Got a part time job at ampost but quitted after 2 weeks. I was not ready for any occupation yet.

Grandfather came back to Hong Kong in early December and began staying at our house. A bit of a strife in the beginning.

9 December – My 23rd Birthday.

Christmas with family.

Wan Lan back in Hong Kong.

SOLER [Intuition] Concert 28.12.2005!!! SOLER rocks!!!

New Year’s Eve – writing for the book in full force. Looking forward to seeing the finished product in the coming year.

AND – in the transition between 2005 and 2006 – I am with SOLER.