by suu4leaf

The hectic week is paid back. Met up with Aubig and received an early birthday present from her (which I discovered from my Father that the tea pot is from a famous Japanese brand)  Brief dinner, then shopped for a while. I got a pair of boots and a hat  Especially the hat, it is from Japan, a bit expensive but it is so so so pretty! I am going to wear it everyday from now on! My best accessory this winter! I am thinking of doing a little DIY too, may be change the ribbon or add a flower or something like that. Shopping really cures, I quite forgot my terrible day(s) at ampost now  Aubig also got herself a top, she is going for black lady style now  

Went to Art Centre for a screening. European TV Ads rock! I liked that one about the home insurance (the reality show redecorating people’s home, which turned out to be shit and the owners just freaked out  ), the H&M one is good too (two noblemen gossiping about the ability of a particular noble to spend more than he could afford, who turned out to be buying clothes from H&M), the free SMS service (the thumb because of always sending free SMS became so strong that it played the blender and hair dryer)… and many more. Too bad there was no time to store them all within my long term memory. I wish HK Ads can be more creative.

I know I should not feel sorry for them. Therefore I enjoyed myself tonight. Hope there will not be much complication when I send the resignation out tomorrow.