by suu4leaf

I did not realize Father has this wonderful The Complete Illustrated Works Of Lewis Carroll until it showed up among the millions of books awaiting reshelving after the refurbishment work of the flat was done. I had read Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass many years ago and I remember I was very impressed indeed. How often do word plays make people laugh and put their thumbs up? And I guess Alice would say it “very uncivil” indeed – but who can help it? It was really flattering for me (at that age) to understand the numerous word plays within the text; and say what may the scholars about Alice as the manifestation of the “Uncanny” or the anxiety of female sexuality, to me, the greatest achievement of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass is Lewis Carroll’s (Charles Dodgeson) witticism, quite contrary to Oscar Wilde’s, of playing with the English language as well as the English custom. Derrida might as well say it is a kind of Deconstruction, but as Lewis Carroll lived before Derrida I would rather not have people using this term for the great Oxford Mathematician in Victorian England.

And then of course, John Tenniel’s illustration is the only Alice illustration I would ever recognize.