by suu4leaf

Super busy these days…!!!

Friday – Unpacking things back home. My AIRLAND MATTRESS is arrived!!!

Saturday – LHTHGA EGM + Sports Day. Met Gigi at 西寶城 and bought some drinks at Wellcome. Lunch at Rebecca. Preparations for EGM at Ho Tim. EGM started. A bit trouble about the amendment of the constitution, finally passed. Proceeded to Lindsay Ride. Basketball: exciting! Badminton: a bit slow – Volleyball – another climax! Overall the atmosphere was good, better than expected. The pasts were so very energetic they would not be rivalled by the currents… Somehow they had a glow current hallmates do not possess, though I cannot tell what that is. Something called character. Character of Ho Tung Girls. Whole event finished by 8:30pm. Dinner at 西環好彩. 脾Ling asked if it was me who invitied her, she was so encouraging that I feel I must not fail… the kind of positive pressure by which I had always been prompted during my 3 years in LHT. Took the opportunity to ask Eman as well, like the other 大仙 she immediately agreed without doubting. 說做就做,做了就不後悔 – this is the Ho Tung spirit I aspire most.

Sunday – The final move back home. Exhausted. A whole house of stuff. Unpacked a little, then set off to meet 歐碧 for a performance at 牛棚: 《333 神曲》. Dinner at Kowloon City. Went to the venue, saw 張逹明  The theatre was small, containing at most 100 audiences. A modern production of Dante’s classic… not bad. The 3rd episode “Paradise” by the Japanese director is the best. Both impressed by one of the Japanese actresses. Starting to think, if 藝穗會 is similiar in size to here, it will be quite a challenge designing the setting for Mamafriend’s drama…  

Today – Internet reconnected. Unpacking. TV reset. Stove reset. Normal live begins. Living in a yellow mess trying to work out the oil painting homework and a reflection about Saturday. I think, I do not want a job yet.