by suu4leaf



Lady Ho Tung Hall Graduates’ Association


Extraordinary General Meeting and Sports Day 2005



Date:              5 November 2005 Saturday

Dress code:    Any hall uniform




Time                   Venue                                 Programme

3:00-5:00pm        Ho Tim Hall                         EGM* (Refreshment provided)

5:15pm                Flora Ho Sports Centre        Opening of Sports Day

5:30-6:30pm       As above                              Basketball

6:30-7:30pm       As above                              Badminton**

7:30-8:25pm       As above                              Volleyball

8:25-8:30pm       As above                              Photo-taking session***

8:30pm               As above                              Closing of Sports Day




*      It is highly encouraged that participants attend the EGM, and to arrive at Flora Ho Sports Center latest by 5:15pm.

**    Participants of Badminton game please bring your own equipments.

***  It is also recommended that participants take part in the photo-taking session.



Should you have any enquiries, please feel free to contact Joey Hui (98372648) or Mary Lee (91503456).