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Month: November, 2005

MSN with Bell. Discovered that we are both Romantic poets born in the wrong time  


After my insistance to hang my “Venus of Urbino” in the living room (to the slight uneasiness of my Mother, who did not quite get my explanation of the distinction between “naked” and “nude”), I have managed just now to post my other 4 posters onto my bedroom door  My magnificent Mucha “Poetry” on the outside, my Shakespeare (1623 Folio Title Page) bought at Shakespeare’s Birthplace, Quoting Shakespeare by Bernard Levin purchased at Shakespeare’s Globe, and Oscar Wilde (photo taken during his America tour) from The National Portrait Gallery on the inside. After all, what is the use of posters if you do not post them out?




Sugizo 和Gackt 已過時了,現在最能吸引我的是-


在電話中跟Anthea 說了。從此再跟那地方沒關係。





今日戴左頂帽帽出去,襯埋件買左N年無著過既懷舊款上衫,一條好散既點點裙,同埋對新boots,俾人話係由The Sound of Music 度走出黎如果我真係個個Maria,我應該要戴草帽而唔係紳士帽,要攞籐籃,同埋(唔知點解)纜一條有花邊既圍裙。但如果真係咁,我會係似Lolita 多過係The Sound of Music

今日,無咩進展喎… 或者我地對得個劇本太耐啦。要lateral thinking 一下。雖然我真係好想做到好岩井俊二式既浪漫… 呢D情意結,係時候要戎。

Saying goodbye is always sad.

Especially when there is a hint of guilt.

The hectic week is paid back. Met up with Aubig and received an early birthday present from her (which I discovered from my Father that the tea pot is from a famous Japanese brand)  Brief dinner, then shopped for a while. I got a pair of boots and a hat  Especially the hat, it is from Japan, a bit expensive but it is so so so pretty! I am going to wear it everyday from now on! My best accessory this winter! I am thinking of doing a little DIY too, may be change the ribbon or add a flower or something like that. Shopping really cures, I quite forgot my terrible day(s) at ampost now  Aubig also got herself a top, she is going for black lady style now  

Went to Art Centre for a screening. European TV Ads rock! I liked that one about the home insurance (the reality show redecorating people’s home, which turned out to be shit and the owners just freaked out  ), the H&M one is good too (two noblemen gossiping about the ability of a particular noble to spend more than he could afford, who turned out to be buying clothes from H&M), the free SMS service (the thumb because of always sending free SMS became so strong that it played the blender and hair dryer)… and many more. Too bad there was no time to store them all within my long term memory. I wish HK Ads can be more creative.

I know I should not feel sorry for them. Therefore I enjoyed myself tonight. Hope there will not be much complication when I send the resignation out tomorrow.

由昨日早上九時半開始直至今日下午一時共二十七個多小時,我就在公司對稿,感覺像year 1 上庄過Campaign。如果開完會再走,分分鐘打破我Campaign時三十五小時不眠不休的紀錄。不同的是,那時我知道自己在接受一個考驗;現在我覺得自己是被剝削。我寧可坐在台上被一些騎呢堂友哈薯,也不願成為行政不善的犧牲品。


鵬打電話來,談了半句鐘。感覺到他的好意,感謝他會去想這事。當然明白心態的重要性,但上班不同上庄;上庄是義無反顧的毫無條件的付出,上班是做好一個角色,做好了,就再沒有虧欠甚麼。我是part time,就做好part time的角色。其他的事情不去多想,不需要甚麼感情的牽跘。我只要對得起自己,對得起自己的尊嚴。對得起自己何東人的身份。


A sudden chill today. And it brings me back to… LONDON

Charles Dickens’ London – the nastiest but most vivid image of Victorian England, of intertwined alleys, smoking chimneys, hidden penthouses, looming dome of St Paul’s Cathedral, black coaches, cobble stones paths, Spitalfields Market, shopfronts with glass doors, gentlemen with walking sticks, the notorious Newgate prison, River Thames, noises, chaos, mixed accents, Gustave Dore’s woodcut engravings.

And Roman Polanski’s adaptation is not too stylish but faithful, or may be, detached. That may not be the most memorable film adaptation of a Victorian novel, still I am glad to have seen it. After all, my image of England very much remains to be Dickens’ London; and if it ever grows, it never steps beyond Edwardian England.