by suu4leaf

Realized all my documents were sent to storage. I see this as a sign. Checked a grant programme online. Contacted Angus. Though nothing much, the feeling of work replaced the previous ill feeling of idleness and gave much satisfaction to me. Went out to have a look at the book store for inspiration. Flipped through some of the books there, nothing particularly stimulating, but nonetheless got myself 2 books. Then set off to meet Amy, and went together to take her brother’s IPod, which had been taken to repair for the third time. A long queue there, likely coming for similar reasons. IPod – really not worth such fame. Vanity. When we left we saw Moses (TVB artist) – not so tall as I thought. Then we had a drink somewhere near Times Square; nice setting, but on the whole not quite worth the charge. Joey rang in the middle, saying nobody would dine with her. Sorry, Joey! Haha. Back home for dinner, TV drama, shower, retire. Another ordinary day. Must work harder tomorrow.