by suu4leaf

Today I got all my writings out and looked through them. I realized I had accumulated quite an amount, though they are still rough and need further polishing and editing.

Went to tea with Jessica and Jackson. Resumed the silly conversations. Shame that it lasted only for an hour. Wish you a nice journey back to London, Jackson!

Travelled back to HKU. Met Issac before MB1. To my surprise, Louis remembered my name. Went to Professor Tambling’s seminar at MB205, met Tommy there. The seminar lasted for 1.5 hours, it is, as its topic, but nothing to me. Really tired of large discourses. I would rather appreciate Great Expectations as a popular novel than as a philosophical meditation.

Back to pick up my IBM, the shop was closed  

Dinner at home. Then watched ? and ?. A very domestic life