by suu4leaf

Went to Chelsea Football Club this morning to fetch my father a Lampard (No.8) shirt…  It was so expensive… but still many parents brought their children along each buying their own favourite shirts and stuff… what a luxury football is  Luckily I am not into football  Just drop me at the National Gallery or the V&A and I can spend a whole day without spending a penny (that is if I find nothing in the museum shop)  

Discovered that Westminster Abbey closes on Sundays, so went shopping instead.

Now that I hear about that, I am more anxious than ever. I mean, of course family business takes precedence… but then I shall need to find another capital source… plus a lot other practical issues… Really got to seek Sarah right after I arrive at Hong Kong… I must gather myself together. In the past there was always a whole team of companions striving together for a common goal; I will have to learn to be as determined, even though I am only on my own now.

Remember 4 years ago – everything in my life underwent an abrupt change – the time I stepped into the Lady Ho Tung Hall Orientation Camp. 3 years in the making. The 4th is a year of reflection. When I look back in my life and see that it is flawed, it is only the likes of me who cares now. Only this:

No regret, until the end.
‘Coz we are Lady Ho Tung Girls.