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Month: August, 2005

Finally sent my boxes away – my room looks so empty now. I could not stuff my chair back into the box and so I gave up; it is a pity since I like this chair very much but then nothing can be done really. I guess I only had it for no more than 6 months… what a waste.

And then I was drawn into a family drama of Zaleha’s… Do not wish to recapitulate here but if it was me I would not have troubled anyone, not even myself. Afterall, this does not concern anyone except the two personages. But I guess Muslims have a different attitude…

So warm today… dozed off in the midst of the stuffy air. Woke up and got myself to shower. Now had better finish up the palaeography assessment…

Another tired day!

Stonehenge and Salisbury.

To be continued.


China Town
Westminster Abbey
National Gallery
China Town
Sherlock Holmes Museum
Oxford Circus
Back hall

Went to Chelsea Football Club this morning to fetch my father a Lampard (No.8) shirt…  It was so expensive… but still many parents brought their children along each buying their own favourite shirts and stuff… what a luxury football is  Luckily I am not into football  Just drop me at the National Gallery or the V&A and I can spend a whole day without spending a penny (that is if I find nothing in the museum shop)  

Discovered that Westminster Abbey closes on Sundays, so went shopping instead.

Now that I hear about that, I am more anxious than ever. I mean, of course family business takes precedence… but then I shall need to find another capital source… plus a lot other practical issues… Really got to seek Sarah right after I arrive at Hong Kong… I must gather myself together. In the past there was always a whole team of companions striving together for a common goal; I will have to learn to be as determined, even though I am only on my own now.

Remember 4 years ago – everything in my life underwent an abrupt change – the time I stepped into the Lady Ho Tung Hall Orientation Camp. 3 years in the making. The 4th is a year of reflection. When I look back in my life and see that it is flawed, it is only the likes of me who cares now. Only this:

No regret, until the end.
‘Coz we are Lady Ho Tung Girls.


hea o左一日…… 悶親o左…

Very tired again… This time I was at Canterbury – yes, the Canterbury in Chaucer’s The Canterbury Tales. Time to try reading Chaucer again  

Went to Dickens House Museum and British Museum today. Too much to take in… may be I should not have visited more than one museum in one day… Extremely exhausted now… But to my surprise/dismay (?), I found that there is actually a Keats House Museum at Hampstead! How come I never know of its existence? And in Hampstead… almost zone 3… another big excursion… Yet I will not let myself down again like last time in Rome when I missed out the Keats-Shelley Museum… So now I return to when I first came to London – roaming the streets everyday…

Finished Kazuo Ishiguro’s An Artist of the Floating World – my fourth Ishiguro novel – I think I can be counted as a fan now? To be honest, it is not as profound as The Remains of the Day, or When We Were Orphans; but it is only to be expected, since Ishiguro was then an award artist in making. Still, some of his traits are already prominent, and which still do not fail to strike me whenever they come up. In fact, this early novel of Ishiguro’s about the Japanese artist during Imperial Japan and the war years strikes a chord within me. Especially this passage by the end of the novel:

‘Army officiers, politicians, businessmen,’ Matsuda said. ‘They’ve all been blamed for what happened to this country. But as for the likes us, Ono, our contribution was always marginal. No one cares now what the likes of you and me once did. They look at us and see only two old men with their sticks.’ He smiled at me, then went on feeding the fish. ‘We’re the only ones who care now. The likes of you and me, Ono, when we look back over our lives and see they were flawed, we’re the only ones who care now.’

The artist’s contribution is always marginal – this remark reminds me of the scolarship interview last year. Even now I can feel the ambivalence and scorn in the board of interviewers, comprised of businessmen and lawyers, when I talked of my ambitions in the cultural field. Only the boy who was the previous winner of the scholarship took me seriously. But I meant it when I said cultural reform. But why must all artists be confined to the floating world; why must art mean a life of decadence? When we look back over our lives and see they were flawed, we are the only ones who care.

初次看Roald Dahl 的Charlie and the Chocolate Factory 大概也有十年前吧?當時的我又怎想到如此奇幻的故事可以被拍成電影?真的,Harry Potter 又怎能和Roald Dahl 比?我想,除了不知為何Johnny Depp 的Willy Wonka 會說美國口音的英文(照道理故事應取景於英國的… ),如果Roald Dahl 還在生的話,大概也會對這Tim Burton 的電影改編很滿意吧。那色彩和夢幻,在當代奇幻電影大師的手下完完全全的保留了。Roald Dahl 異乎尋常的verse ,也全配上了同樣光怪陸離的歌舞。每次那些小人走出來唱歌起舞,全場觀眾總忍不住笑。演員們大都曾出演過Tim Burton 的電影,Johnny Depp 和Freddie Highmore 更在去年一同主演過Finding Neverland,和導演的配合亦很好。有趣的是竟然在電影中看到Stanley Kubrick 的2001: A Space Odyssey !那能量碑竟被換成了巧克力… 真是… 連Roald Dahl 也被Tim Burton 幽了一默… 不過,Mr Wonka 的巧克力工廠,又的確有點像2001: A Space Odyssey… 只是,在原著中Willy Wonka 是一個讓人摸不着頭腦的人(甚至也不知道他是否人類… ),在電影中郤加入了他的黑暗面:一個不愉快的童年,一個悲哀的人物。雖然是令角色立體化,人性化了,我倒覺得,讓Mr Wonka 永遠成為一個小孩子眼中百變無窮的謎樣的人物,不是還更好嗎?怎樣也好,Tim Burton 的Roald Dahl’s Charlie and the Chocolate Factory ,十級推介!

熱切期代另一套兒童文學經典:C. S. Lewis 的The Chronicles of Narnia !今年年尾上畫。

又白走一趟… 擺明係唔俾我做孝女


嘩嘩~Burberry Trench Coat 呀!!(好似發緊夢咁… 雖然Daddy 成日叫我買,話女仔點都要有件trench coat 傍身,但我無諗過真係可以擁有一件o架!真係大個女啦… )

原先諗住可以裝修間房就已經係畢業禮物啦,結果宜家仲多o左件大禮o忝… 我知Daddy Mammy 好o易我既,一直以來我想做想要既野佢o地都會幫助我逹成;我仲成日郁D就發脾氣,對唔住呀。

弊啦,張愛椅放唔入個箱度呀… 唔通真係要放棄佢?


Scheduled to leave London on 3 September, arriving at Hong Kong on 4 September.
Please prepare Farewell/Welcome treats