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Month: January, 2005

越來越鍾意上Warren 嘅seminar  今日佢address 咗我兩次(今堂開始無擺name tag ),感覺好好,就好似舊年Dr. Alderson 認住我咁 –  都算係一種認同啦  不過由佢lead 嘅session 只係剩番兩個… 下次講The Winter’s Tale 同Popular Culture in Elizabethan England,好期待  當我glance 到其中一份reading 上面提到Brueghel 嘅Combat of Carnival and Lent 心跳頓時加速   如果dissertation 做呢個topic 而又係Warren supervise 我咁就very good 啦!好,一於搏盡prep. 呢個seminar  

上完seminar 就去咗Prince Charles 睇「壬生義士伝」(一鎊,勁抵  )。齣戲有D 長,係講明治時期嘅日本,一個因要養家活口嘅武士離鄉背井加入當時勢不可擋嘅新選組嘅故事。之前對日本明治維新、武士道、新選組、德川幕府同天皇嘅勢不兩立… 等都有少少認識 – 但並非來自勁廢嘅會考History 喎,反而從漫畫「浪客劍心」、電影「御法道」同歴史小說「織田信長」度仲知得多  呢齣戲都係改篇自同名歷史小說,令我有D 想睇返。雖然我知道呢D 後現代歷史小說嘅可信性係值得質疑,但係我就寧願睇佢o地都唔睇D 悶到死嘅歷史教科書  

晚飯時睇埋Emily 借我嘅「追擊八月十五」- 哎呀,都唔差o架喎  雖然我唔鍾意Twins,但係阿Sa 又的確有佢嘅吸引力嘅。唔知係唔係時候要對香港嘅普及文化改觀呢…?

聽日又係Julia 嘅seminar 啦… 俾心機呀…


好鍾意謝安琪嘅「姿色份子」 佢把聲好好聽,D 歌詞又有意思  其實我都唔係對流行歌偏見到完全唔聽嘅,只係要求高D 吧  

聽日開始Week 4… 要努力完成呢個semester 呀… 唔好映衰HKU…

Watching “American Wedding”, thanks to Emily  

Today wholely dedicated to writing for my project – feeling superb  

And I interviewed Mr. Wild Yan  I asked if I can ask him a question and he asked me to ask it straight forwardly and he’d give me a straight forward answer, which turned out to be a-thousand-word long I guess  Thank you very much, it is of enormous help  Very insightful and useful to my project, and I did not even have to explain my puspose  Also talked to ha-chong Liu about it, who received it very pleasantly  

Just finished another piece… want to do more! So many precious moments I do not often recall now come back to me… like the time when Sai scared me to death with a mask on passing by 707 during a Halloween, and she laughed at my slow response  I think afterwards they set up something behind the lift lobby doors to scare the hallmates coming from other floors too  But guess cannot wake up late tomorrow, for I have to go to the library to prepare for my presentation  I want to write and do not want to do the stupid presentation…

Oh My God… depressive mood disorder coming back again…  

The minor expedition up to Bethnal Green yesterday did not seem to brighten myself up too much  The V&A Museum of Childhood was – shall I say forlorn? The distinctive shabbiness of the East End… I will soon get stifled in depression if I do not escape  

I could feel my depression swelling during Robyn’s seminar. Had no wish to exert myself. Had no wish to get more interested, more engaged. But when I got back to hall, I did not feel like working on my project neither. Just felt like doing nothing, being bothered by nothing. I loath it. It is coming back. Fortunately I still have a weekend to sort myself out before having another seminar. I only wish I am not so vulnerable to depression…

Oh very sleepy now… but I still want to write a response to Joey’s Zorpia entry and read Coriolanus 

Juila’s seminar… I was better prepared than last time… still feeling quite uneasy with the silence accompanying my presentation  Or am I over-sensitive? Well at least Julia has always been encouraging… enough to make me feel reassured  

Again! The postman brought the parcel back to the post office when I was right upstairs!  Can’t they ring the bell? Why is there no reception in my hall (instead with a broken CCTV)?  So instead of going to the library, I had to go all the way to the post office to get my parcel  

Met Emily today  Finally  Had a nice cup of Mocha at Roasters and then dinner at Matsu. Realized I have not had Japanese food for a long time already! Yasai Tempura with Curry, only 5.5GBP  Great talk… feel like have not been talking so much for ages  Thanks for the evening, and the VCDs  

Idling all night. Joey posted something in Zorpia, really want to say something but too tired to think of anything now…

Getting cold… it did not snow today, perhaps tomorrow? Wondering if I still want to walk over to Bethnal Green…

Did not write anything yesterday because what I did was only going to Sainsbury, preparing for seminar today and writing. As I wrote all the emotions came back and the draft papers were soaked with tears… Oh My God  This is really… “spontaneous overflow of powerful feelings”… No no no no I cannot get too emotional over this… need to revise it again some other time.

Today went to Warren’s seminar in a terrible state… very tired, my eyes ached from exhaustion, even got  pimples on my face (too stressed out?)… could not wear either contact lens or make-up… the result was I looked horrible  But then the seminar went on well – the topic was inspiring and everyone engaged in the little exercise enthusiastically  At the break Archna and Lauren talked about (actually against) Jerry – felt I agreed with them. Now that I think of it, it may be good working under Warren  

Walked over to the National Gallery to see the Degas exhibition after the seminar. Did not realize I was too tired to look at anything attentively  The Degas exhibition was no good… it was too small and boring to people with no knowledge about or interest in the making of paintings. But then I got to see Gainsborough and Hogarth, some Impressionists, Van Gogh’s Sunflowers, and Seurat’s Bathers at Asnieres  And so after 3 visits to the National Gallery, I finally managed to look at the entire exhibition!

Went back to hall extremely hungry. Had fried rice watching Hitchcock’s “The Birds” – Aubig’s nightmare  Did not really feel the horror until the very end of the film. Slightly annoyed by the ending… no explanation is offered to the birds’ behaviour – did Hitchcock need to keep his audience in suspense even outside the film?  There seems to be another ending but the free trail DVD player would not allow me watch any bonus feature   Hate it… someone unlock my DVD drive please!

Talked to WanWan on ICQ, but she was leaving so we had a brief chat only. Told her the plan and she said she would think about it before we discuss it again  Then talked a bit to Joey… again, be responsible to ourselves first, let me take care of the rest  

Arranged to have dinner with Emily tomorrow  Looking forward to it – but then I have to prepare well for Julia’s seminar least it might ruin my mood…

Steve leaving today. He really gave me the souvenir as promised. Talked to parents on phone. Did some writing. Then set off to have dinner with Jessica Leung and Jackson at China Town. Watched “Old Boy” with Jackson afterwards. MUCH MUCH better than expected – quite stunned actually  Those are really the extremest situations… those moral questions really force men out of their wits  Feel very unsettled afterwards – have a paranoia of being kidnapped and imprisoned for 15 years for perhaps an innocent gossip  I had better be kind and generous to everyone from now on  

Forced myself up at 8am in order to catch Jerry in his office (his weekly office hours are only Monday 2-3pm and Friday 9-10am  ). My worries proved unnecessary – Jerry did not mention about the dissertation but only hurriedly signed the form, thrusted a copy of the instructions for filling out the form into my hands and sent me away within 3 minutes  Asked him about the time for handing in the dissertation topic, and was answered that it is not settled yet and that Warren is going to tell us soon  Did not feel slighted though, rather delighted to have more time to ponder over the dissertation topic.

Went to Selfridges with Jessica Leung – have not shopped ever since I came back from Scotland. Got nothing though, while Jessica got herself a pair of boots in a flash  Then set off to visit the two Vivienne Westwood stores – the Davies Street one sucked, but the Conduit Street was good. Got myself the new catalogue to decorate the wall of my room  Had lunch at an Italian restaurant near Liberty, because there was a long queue at Sakura  Thought we might go watch “Phantom of the Opera”, went to Her Majesty’s Theatre and the ticket booths dotted along Leicester Square, with no avail  Planning to try again next week.

Parted with Jessica, and walked over to Covent Garden. Bought a 1-pound pencil case and a 1.5-pound face towel from Muji  Had a look at Urban Outfitters, and surprisingly found my sold-out Ladysoul jacket again!  And on discount!  Thought for a while, and decided it would be sacrilege not to buy it, when it had once been lost to me and now returned to my sight again discounted with available size and colour  And then I justified to myself that I once spent $800 something to buy a Lover’s Rock jacket; it is not that guilty at all to spend 94.99 pounds (originally 142 pounds ) on a designer label jacket now  And also that I will be wearing it quite often; that I need such a jacket in my wardrobe.. etc etc  But of course the only underlying reason is that I love and desire that jacket  

Went back hall and tried to settle down and begin working. But instead started a conversation with Eldi – whose news I missed out quite a lot, for we have not contacted ever since the farewell dinner with her last summer  Had a nice long chat – with me bringing that idea up. Learning to listen to and accept varying points of view. Looking forward to another talk about the issue when Eldi is ready for more indepth discussion  After Eldi had gone to sleep, I made up a list of people whose opinion I want to consult – Bell is right, I am going to grow a lot through this  

Met Steve in the kitchen, who told me he is moving out in 2 days’ time. From now on there will be no one to flirt with me anymore  Wears designer brands (Evisu jeans  ), gentlemanly, liberal, sociable, Steve is really a most atypical Mainland Chinese guy  Hope to see you again, Steve  

Read an article entitled “Shakespeare in Print, 1593-1640”, quite enlightening  Flipped open the Norton Shakespeare – Oh My God, this is a Bible… over 3000 pages  Do not think I can really go through all 3 editions of King Lear before Monday…

Happy Birthday to Snake

Last night watched RSC’s “King Lear” with Colette. Better than the previous “Romeo and Juliet”. I liked the setting particularly – ever since the Interhall Drama Competition in year 2 I had begun to take special interest in the settings whenever I go to see a drama. It was just wonderful to create so many different scenes with a single set  Matthew Rhys (yes I checked out his name, he was so wonderful  ) who played Romeo played Edmund the bastard this time – everyone was charmed by this fabulous bastard – and the actress who played Juliet played Cordelia this time, railing again, much to Colette and my annoyance  Lady Capulet played Goneril. The Fool was funny, and when he left the stage in Act 3, his place being taken by Edgar, the audience actually let out sympathies  I found the blinding of Gloucester quite powerful, though some of the audience smirked 

My new man – Matthew Rhys  
Pity I cannot find a picture of him playing Romeo…
(Didn’t realize – he’s the Demetrius in Julie Taymor’s “Titus”!  
Sure it becomes him more playing Romeo and Edmund  )

As for today – worked all day in the British Library… exhausted. Visited the Manuscripts Room and requested a manuscript copy of a 16th century collection of treatises on witchcraft and magics (I entered “carnival” but yielded no suitable result and so I tried “witch” instead )  70 minutes later the manuscript arrived and  I was stunned to find magical symbols in it  I cannot believe it… I was holding in my hand a 16th century magical treatise written by… magicians? professors in the study of the “darker arts”? That was extactly Prospero’s books!  

Shalom told me tomorrow is the deadline for the course registration  The staff told me it wouldn’t be until weeks! The School Office really sucks  Must find Jerry tomorrow morning then… what if he asks me about the dissertation topic? Oh God…

尋晚同大仙Bell 傾咗成四十分鐘(長途!) 電話,得到好多建議,又啟發咗好多  大仙果然係大仙,人生經驗係多D 嘅… 哈哈  分析解答咗好多我遇到嘅困難,仲清晰過當事人我o忝  我會努力o架啦,多謝大仙