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Month: October, 2004

Changed to Winter Time today

What is it to have a celebrity in your list? But of course it only serves my vanity; as he is so well-loved by all that it is just fain to expect he ever will have the time to update his entries

I gave out my little presents and my flatmates were very happy (though, to my surprise, they did not really know about Halloween) Rose proposed a dinner party, and she really set out to buy the stuffs and even forbade me to help in anyway Linlin was not there, so it was only Rose, Zaleha, Ming and me. Had a great time – Rose’s food was good, we talked a lot, and even played with the mobile phone camera It is a good thing to have this sort of gathering once in a while, to keep us from becoming dummies by over-studying

Sorry but suddenly I feel wretched; and I do not want to write anymore…

I am such a nice flatmate
Happy Halloween everyone

This morning I did a breakthrough My parents would be so pleased – I fried some eggs for breakfast!!! It was a breakthrough because those who know me well would know I never eat eggs; and this morning I not only ate fried eggs, I even fried them myself!!! And it turned out very nice (I mean I did not burn the eggs, and they tasted good )!!! Haha I am so proud of myself… I never made breakfast the previous 3 years in hall during my Undergraduate studies; and now I am making breakfast – and a proper English Breakfast too, with toast, fried eggs with ham, and susage! I am such a genius Sad I did not take a photo of it…

Another day struggling with Jacob Burckhardt. I am behind schedule…

Pedro (Is this his name? God I am so bad with names…) came again and fixed the plug at my washing basin Zaleha misses him every time I see why she is attracted to him – he is goodlooking, and really nice. Every time it is him who does all the maintenance stuff, and the other steward only appears when there is an opportunity to show off

Zaleha’s friend came and she invited me to join them to dinner. She mentioned a stupid white woman who wrote in a newspaper article deriding Malaysian women and exerting her own superiority, that Malaysian men now choose white girls as girlfriends What I can say is only that the person who writes such a thing to the newspaper is just too STUPID and IGNORANT to be taken seriously I thought people nowadays know what RACISM mean???

Suddenly something came into my mind, growing ever more and more distinct until I finally felt ecstatic – I cannot wait to meet Dr Brotton and discuss the issue with him!

Received another parcel of books from Amazon.co.uk in the morning. Went to the campus. Then the rest of the day ruminating (I like this word – ruminating And I remember that was the explanation he gave for “brooding”, which Professor Tambling said was even more difficult ) over my Jacob Burckhardt Seems like the plan of watching ‘Bad Education’ at Prince Charles Cinema would have to be postponed until I finished the presentation I want to wear my new clothes and be immersed into the London streets of the West End

There will be a Mozard Festival at Bath in November – not sure if Jessica Leung will be interested… may be I can go by myself again, as I want to explore Jane Austen’s Bath too I miss those 2 weeks when I walked around London all by myself. I could go to all those exhibitions and monuments, pay homage to my ‘saints’ and not feel uneasy about causing any boredom to my companions


複製日記猖厥 關注小組調查 (更新)

【本社訊】鑒於近日網上日記作者三番四次發現作品被盜用﹐有關方面已成立關注小組﹐以跟進﹑了解和杜絕 “搬字過紙” 的抄襲日記問題。到目前為止﹐小組已為個別作者鎖定疑犯﹐發言人更透露已對其中一個目標人物展開調查。




對一般 “網民”﹐鄧諾爾提出了以下意見:「其實互聯網上常見資料以超連結方式連繫﹐但若果要引用別人著作﹐最好明確列出作者和出處﹐確保著作權受保護。」


昨晚大學的Internal server 又down 了,update 不了xanga 總之就是終於在Dr Colclough 的seminar 上發言了(不是什麼值得驕傲的事吧…);然後再去了一趟Sainsbury,去郵局取了Amazon.co.uk 的包裹。晚上和May 和她的朋友在Tottenham Court Road 一間韓國餐廳吃飯(中途她忽然跟我說随着時間過去便會鷔覺身價下滑 – 她自己名花有主當然可以一笑置之;可憐我頓時胃口全失)。晚飯前在Waterstone 買了一些絲帶,Dan Brown The Da Vinci Code, Tracy Chevalier (Girl with a Pearl Earring) The Lady and the Unicorn, 和 Ian McEwan (Atonement) Enduring Love – 之後鷔覺自己根本沒有時間看課堂以外的書。相信它們最終的命運將會是完封不動地被運回香港…


早上忽然停電 原本在Zaleha 的printer 列印中的Designer Sale UK Invite 印到一半停了下來 早餐和裝身也是在黑暗中完成

今天又上了很有趣的一課 去了St. Bride’s Printing Library 聽了有關歐洲的印刷出版的歷史 – 看到了compositor 用來放字粒的箱子(我們輪流排出自己的名字 – 真的不容易 幸好我的名字短,否則早放棄了);字粒的製造過程(看着高温的金屬溶液倒進模子裡頓時變成一隻簇新字粒感覺很令人興奮 想到自己可能是同年紀的香港人中唯一親身有這種體驗時更甚);早期的印刷機器(我們輪流用那機器為自己印了一首節錄的了詩 – 大家頓時由postgraduates 變回了小孩子,興奮地說要拿回去對親朋炫燿一番)… 拿着新鮮出爐的印刷品,看着那稍為不均勻的上墨,手指亦摸到印刷時字粒壓在紙上的凹痕,頓時非常感動 看來我和出版事業由我成為何東的出版秘書起便結下不解緣了…

之後我們去了Starrbucks 喝東西,才發現Olivia 又是因為迷路所以缺席了

其他人去Warburg 找書做presentation 的同時,我則去了找Jessica Leung 逛街 是有點內詬… 但一年只有6次的Designer Sale UK 又不想錯過… 於是在Liverpool Street Station 等Jessica 時看了幾頁Burckhardt 午飯在Liverpool Street 吃了一個湯麵;之後三時許便去到Brick Lane。不停地進出試身室 最後買了birdie (新寵兒)的米色有帽衛衣、get casual 的黑色衛衣和黃色圖案中袖衛衣各一、和Harrison 的白色短袖上衣 美中不足的是原本有一件很不錯的灰色有帽圖案衛衣,試身後轉頭便不見了 而且也買不到外套…

Jessica 也買了衛衣短裙和手袋 尤其那buddhist punk 的短裙本人也很喜歡 – 只是40磅(減價後)一條短裙也真的有點貴…

在Old Spitalfields Market 看到一間十級可愛的店子 整間店放滿了精美的童話中的仙子精靈,另人眼前一亮 Jessica 買了兩個很精緻的仙子擺設,那位型男哥哥在其上面灑上閃閃發亮的紙碎,引起我們二人既鷔又喜的呼叫 在那金光閃閃的夢公園,我差點以為自己目睹了一個魔術師在我面前施法 如果我將來真的要寫我的英國遊記的話,一定十級推薦這店子!所以說女人錢是很容易賺的

在另一間店子有一條很不錯的MISS SIXTY – 減到30磅!但是太大了…

買了衣服,要用心讀書了 – 下星期的presentation 一定要做好!

Did not update my xanga last night – I will summarize these 2 days in brief, as I still have half of Sir Philip Sidney’s Astrophil and Stella to go (God – a sequence of 108 sonnets )…

Yesterday Dr Brotton did not lead the seminar (missed him ) and Evelyn Welch, an Italian Renaissance expert, spent the 2 hours at Warburg with us. I liked the seminar It was so lively, with small group exercises and slide demonstrations. May be the topic itself – visual culture in Renaissance Italy – was novel and therefore interesting to us. It seems a good idea to work with visual materials in my course essay – paintings of El Bosco, Brugel, Jan Van Eyck…

Went to UCL with Jessica Leung afterwards. Love that Classical entrance – felt like being in Plato’s Academy And then proceeded to Oxford Circus. Got to explore Kingly Court finally Liberty was intimidating Got a glass with flower print at Laura Ashley, some tea at Whittard, and a knit-top at Topshop Dinner at HK Diner at China Town. Our next meeting would be the Designer Sales this Thursday – looking forward to it


Went to Sainsbury in the morning, and missed a mail Not sure if they will redeliver it…

Received a warning letter from the Residence Office, regarding the cleaniness of the kitchen. Zaleha was infuriated – she was right – why should we be penalized for other people’s faults? Do not know how the responsible parties feel – but then if they know about filthiness they would not have allowed themselves to be filthy in the first place Being nice and friendly is not enough to make a good flatmate…

The rest of the day devoted to Sir Philip Sidney’s sonnet sequence – I did not realize its length, or else I would have begun earlier But as I read on, I found reminences of Goethe’s Werther there in Astrophil – or rather the other way round, since Goethe’s The Sorrows of Young Werther was published somewhere around the late 18th century – some 200 years later than Sir Philip Sidney’s Astrophil and Stella The Lovesick – can men really be such a Lover? (And yet, I think I once knew such a man…)

And then got to know that Simon had too little sleep working and fell ill – looks like students here cannot really enjoy London life because of the heavy school work Whenever I call people are busying (even now, I should be finishing my readings instead of writing this…). Anyway, take care Simon and let’s hang out some other time (though unforseeable…)

This afternoon I joined my classmates – Julia (the wonderful organizer), Shalom and Colette at the Critireon Theatre at Piccadilly Circus to watch this hilarious play It was HILARIOUS As Shalom said afterwards, those actors (only 3 of them) were just so full of energy It is a pity the others did not manage to join – it was just so fun

To begin with, the theatre was lovely It was small but cosy; pink walls with white carved poles, cute theatre boxes lined with curtains, a crystal lamp high above the ceiling – together with the jazz background music before the performance made it feel really like the 1930s

And then the performance – Shakespearean scholars may be offended by this casual treatment of the Bard, but it was really great First they started off with that ridiculously wrong biography of Shakespeare; then they did an abridged Romeo and Juliet which was so funny (I pardon them for ruining that romantic scene when Romeo and Juliet first meet ); one of the actors kept vomiting at the audience whenever it came to his/her (depending on which character he was playing then) death

And then they did an abridged Titus Andronicus, followed by a Rap-version of Othello They had an American Football-version too And then they combined all 16 comedies into one

Hamlet was simply crazy – they even argued in the middle of the performance and two of them left, forcing the remaining one to announce an intermission Then they did not want the Ophelia and dragged an audience on stage to do it instead To be fair, the other audience were divided into 3 groups to play Ophelia’s Id, Ego and Superego My line was, “Come on Hamlet my biological clock is ticking I want to have babies now”

When they finially ended this ridiculous Hamlet they offered without being asked an encore They did Hamlet all over again in 3 minutes – as if it was not fast enough they did it again faster, and then again – but backwards These guys were crazy…

In other words, it was much better than I expected and I enjoyed it a lot We had dinner somewhere nearby and then Shalom drove us back Thank you Shalom Thank you Julia for organizing this May be for the next class trip, as Shalom suggested, we can go to Florence (quite the right place for Renaissance scholars)

Have been my favourite since F.2… one of my classmates even teased at me then Oh but I really love the Arthurian legends I was mesmerized in front of JW Waterhouse’s ‘The Lady of Shalott’ at Tate Britain (By the way, the new ‘King Arthur’ is crab – killed all my fantasies by providing a historic approach to the legend )

The alarm clock rang at 8am and I struggled quite a bit before I could get off from bed – How on earth did I manage to wake up for those crazy softball morning practices for 3 whole years??? Where has my all my Will Power gone???

I was early and when I got to Warburg it was not open yet. So I waited outside – feeling a bit crazy – who would go 3 times to the same place for some seminar readings, in addition that each single journey takes almost an hour? But that also means I MUST get them this time – I should be able to, since without doubt I would be the first to use the library today

And yes I did manage to get all the 3 articles – photocopying cost me more than 3 pounds Again confirmed that no poor people can become scholars

When I finished Jessica Leung was still sleeping So I went back hall instead.

Mother called in the afternoon – Father was urging by the side No wonder, the charge is too expensive during weekends.

Nothing much – I need to finish the 3 articles – cost me dear, both in terms of money and time And then – ‘The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (abridged)’ by The Reduced Shakespeare Company tomorrow!

P.S. Just got to know Derrida passed away And Professor Jeremy Tambling actually wrote a newspaper article on this He said that marked the end of the great era of the modern French thinkers – well but certainly the ideas of Deconstruction, Post-structuralism, Post-colonialism… would live on as the greatest contribution to Human society…

Woke up late and received an email from Dr Brotton – even he could not help me Though Julia and Colette were so kind to reply my email, theirs did not seem much use neither

Went to PC World and in my alarm the discount had ended But then I found the same hp DeskJet 5650 online for 51.9 pounds only, including delivery I will stick to online shopping from now on

Went to HSBC and finally got my Solo card and security number Drew some cash and immediately felt much more confident and secure Security is really founded on Money

Went all the way to Warburg and only discovered that it closes earlier on Fridays Frustrated, went to join Jessica Leung for dinner instead – made a terrible Fried tomato with eggs and pork chop with honey sauce Watched an episode of 金枝慾孽

I decided to be the first one to be at Warburg tomorrow If I still cannot get hold of the readings, there is really nothing I can do anymore.

So tonight I must finish at least the first chapter of Jacob Burckhardt; tomorrow finish all the readings for the Monday seminar; and Sunday – Reduced Shakespeare Company!!!

(No time to explore my Samsung P510 yet… )

Today I had in my hands a rare book published in 1606 Robin ran into occasional fits whenever she felt somebody was imposing certain danger to the rare books – “Pens off the rare books!” They mentioned disgusting things about the leather bindings – there was a book bound by goat’s skin And then the paper, though became yellow and fragile, felt so good And the smell of the ink – why but I fancy Father’s library had a similar smell… I like the types most of all – I am really into typography The feeling that some living creature of 500 years ago arranged the types is JUST SO GREAT The early printed books are really an Art We also did an exercise on folding a piece of paper into folio, quarto, octavo, sexdecimal, thirty-two-mal… Julia got a trimmed octavo, which was so small one could barely read the centre – I think this is exactly where “pocket edition” came from.

Met Eirini at campus – she looked really stressed out Hope we will manage to meet some time…

Went to Senate House Library and Warburg Institute Library and could not find the readings Oh my God… I can’t and I won’t miss any readings again!!!

Went to Vodafone and got migrated to a contract and got a new Samsung P510 But then what about my Sony Ericsson T630? My Vanity is in conflict with my Conscience…

Waited for No.25 for an hour A guy kept cursing I could not stand the cold and went to take the tube instead…

Watched Charlie Chaplin’s “City Lights” during dinner. It is not as hilarious as “Modern Times”, but at that final scene when the blind girl recognizes Charlie I really dropped some tears – at first I kind of feared something bad would happen

Spent the rest of the night sending out emails, renewing my CV, sending out applications, reading the mobile menu, writing my xanga – nothing to do with my studies that is


Still got no HSBC letter

Went to Dr Colclough’s seminar without the Thomas Carew reading… feeling guilty Actually shivered when Lauren pretentiously asked everyone to take out the reading Don’t blame me, I tried my best…

Foolishly went that long way to Shakespeare’s Globe and Tate Modern and returned with both hands empty Went to Sainsbury – planning to give a Halloween treat to my flatmates (But Zaleha went into my room and saw the sorted candies…)

Tried many times and finally succeeded to order the Hamlets and Twelfth Nights Father wanted at Amazon.co.uk. Got myself something too – they have free delivery for local address. May be I don’t need to go to Foyles anymore?

Checked out all the readings for both Dr Brotton and Dr Colclough’s courses in both the QMUL and Senate House catalogues

I have to concentrate more from now on – just told Dr Colclough I wanted to present on Jacob Burckhardt on Week 6. For this he exempted me from the other presentation. So I must do it well – REGAIN MY LOST TERRITORY.

Yes I will cheer up…