by suu4leaf

I got a red Queer Eye for the Straight Guy today (they have also orange, yellow, green and blue – real business men they are!)! Because I simply cannot tolerate stagnation in the house, I went out to take a walk at the book stores, hoping I may be able to procure myself some non-classics and non-english readings. But then what a pity! For three years’ intensive english reading and virtually 0 chinese reading, I found myself focusing unconsciously to the english shelves and ignoring the chinese ones… and what I bought finally was this english – non-classic – thing I consider as one of my most dear collections.

Though it is written for men – straight guys, I really feel I cannot miss it. The fab5 are so wonderful that I confess I regret their being gays and my being a girl. Ted seems to be a real professional, with all his publications, though Thom even more so, being actually a renown designer with his own label; Kyan a fashionable stylist as I have expected, but I really never guessed that Carson would be working for Ralph Lauren! And Jai impresses me most – an actor, singer and dancer! No wonder I like him the best! Though I like them all alike.

I think I would consider getting their 2005 calendar…